The Fae-Touched Terms & Conditions

Merry Meet, page turner.



No Returns or Refunds:


Alas, in the realm of our diminutive enterprise, we, the fair folk, cannot entertain the notion of returns or refunds. Once the tale is chosen, it dances its way into your domain, forever to linger.


Product Condition Enchantment:


Fear not, dear patron! Each creation undergoes the most delicate enchantments, ensuring they arrive in a state befitting the dreams they harbor. Gently cradled in moonlight and starlight and by candle flame, they embark upon their journey to meet you.


Quality Assurance Spell:


Pledging allegiance to the pursuit of supreme storytelling, should a concern flutter into your thoughts, whisper to us at within the enchanted span of one and a half moons (6 weeks), and we shall endeavor to weave a remedy for your heart's unrest.


Damaged or Defective Whimsies:


On rare occasions when shadows mar the splendor of your chosen artifact, illuminate the matter with photographic spells and send them, carrier owl-guided, to We, the artisans of the fae realm, shall peer into the reflections and, if fate allows, send forth a flawless counterpart and will seek to amend it.


Shipping Faerie Magic:


Our endeavors to hasten the dispatch of parcels are akin to the fluttering wings of drowsy butterflies. Yet, beware of the unknown roads and twisted vines that may sway their journey. For we, the enchanters, relinquish control once the parcels traverse the mystical borders into the care of third-party carriers.


Whispered Contact Secret:


For any riddles that perplex your mind regarding your chosen tale, reach out through the whispering winds to [your contact email]. We, the caretakers of dreams, await your missives with eager anticipation.


Note of Otherworldly Wisdom:


These terms, like a fae dance, may change without forewarning. Take heed to revisit this enchanted page periodically for any ethereal updates.

By partaking in the whimsy woven by Rhiannon D. Elton, from Pelaia Adventures, you acknowledge and waltz in harmony with the terms and conditions unveiled above.


In Gratitude and Fae Delight. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

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