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The final steps will be Wolflock's most dangerous yet

The Case of the Mountain’s Monster is the tenth book in the Wolflock Cases teen fantasy mystery series.

Between the frosty mountain, the unsavoury company, and his best friend’s cold shoulder, Wolflock begins to realise that life is much harder alone, especially with a terrible monster that stalks the travellers every night. But when a sprinkling of clues links him back to the Silver Ice Hair and his journey to Mystentine, making Wolflock fear that the shadowy thread he’s chased all the way here may now be chasing him. No one is safe and Wolflock needs help more than ever.

Solve the last case in the Wolflock Cases: The Journey to Mystentine.

Otherwise, the final steps in Wolflock’s journey may be the last he ever takes.



The Case of the Mountain's Monster

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The city of magic. The city of dreams. The city of lost children

The Case of the Lost Antrum is the ninth book in the Wolflock Cases teen fantasy mystery series.

Mystentine City. The city of magic. And the city of lost children. Unable to ascend the mountain and enrol at the university until a missing child is returned, Wolflock must use all his investigative skills to find out what really happened. Is she a runaway? Is she lost? Or is something far more sinister at play? In his quest to find the truth, Wolflock discovers that, instead of a puzzle, he has found a plot that may sink the city into turmoil. It seems that the missing girl may be the key to solving more than one mystery.



The Case of the Lost Antrum

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Sometimes your only option is to run for your life

The Case of the Haematophagous Equine is the eighth book in the Wolflock Cases teen fantasy mystery series.

Wolflock never anticipated his journey to Mystentine University would be fraught with danger, but now that he’s away from the safety of the Silver Ice Hair, perils lurk around every winding corner. Set with the impossible task of finding a sister lost forty years ago, Wolflock and Mothy chase elusive clues with a driver who only travels at night. Stalked by monsters and plagued by nightmares, what hope do they have of finding an old woman lost to the dense forests on the road to the city?

Worse still, they can’t shake the feeling that something is following them. Something… hungry.



The Case of the Haematophagous Equine

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Murky waters aren't all that's infected in this town

The Case of the Pisces Moon Murk is the seventh book in the Wolflock Cases teen fantasy mystery series.

Creast Bay is known for its pristine waters, beautiful gemstones, and the mermaids that gather at the Pisces Moon festival. So, why is Wolflock instead met with a murky pond? What, or who, has contaminated the once beautiful bay? As they hunt for the answers, Wolflock and Mothy discover that not all is as it seems. Shady deals, unchecked disease, and a peculiar tour guide lead them closer to a dark truth. Even if Wolflock can solve the case before the festival, he may not be in time to cure the bay and save the mermaids from disaster.



The Case of the Pisces Moon Murk

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How do you save a mermaid?

The Case of the Lost Mermaid is the sixth book in the Wolflock Cases teen fantasy mystery series.

Wolflock owes his life to a mermaid he may have accidentally doomed. The only way to save her is to find the mythical mermaid city of Sinalta without delaying the ship. But the cards of Faleen and Bleen have foretold disaster in his fate. Is their interference to save his life or do they have sinister intentions? To make matters worse, he has to make a choice: repay his debt by delaying the ship or leave the mermaid to perish in the icy sea.

Unfortunately, if he can’t solve the case in two days, he may no longer be able to choose.



The Case of the Lost Mermaid

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Who pushed her down the stairs?

A Study in Silver is the fifth book in the Wolflock Cases teen fantasy mystery series.

Finding the twisted body of a woman at the bottom of the hull stairs has rattled Wolflock to his core, and the only way he can get over it is to find the other person who saw it happen. The rest of the crew and company wants to sweep the whole case under the rug, but he can’t let the injustice stand. To find the answers he’ll go up against the most powerful people on the ship to uncover the criminal hiding amongst those he’s come to trust. Will the culprit destroy all the evidence before Wolflock can discover it? Or will they come for him first.

Perhaps it’s best to leave sleeping drunks lie.



A Study in Silver

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The Case of the Bitter Draught is the fourth book in the Wolflock Cases teen fantasy mystery series.

The festival of Mabon always left a sour taste in Wolflock’s mouth. He’d do anything to get out of it. So, when Captain Blutro asks him to investigate a smuggler and contraband conspiracy, Wolflock doesn’t care what it takes to solve the case.

But Wolflock soon finds he must exercise his best powers of perception to find the answers without tipping the culprit off. If he treads too hard, the case will be lost, and he’ll have to participate in the dreaded holiday. But amongst his new friends, who is the criminal?



The Case of the Bitter Draught

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The Case of the Curse of Houl is the third book in the Wolflock Cases fantasy mystery series.

A ship is a small place and things spread quickly. Songs, jokes, stories and gossip. Disease.

As one by one the company aboard the Silver Ice Hair fall ill, it is up to Wolflock to solve the mystery before the disease takes the life of those he holds dear.

Is this a regular illness? Or has the river god Houl cursed the ship? With the ship is clouded by illness, how will be discover what is superstition… and what is deception?



The Case of Curse of Houl

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See how Wolflock gets himself into mischief this time!

The Case of Mothy is the second book in the Wolflock Cases teen fantasy mystery series.

Wolflock may be the worst at making friends. They’re just so irrational. He doesn’t know why he’s in trouble for being honest and logical, but when faced with apologising and back breaking labour, the smartest choice it to apologise. Even if he doesn’t mean it.

But after his apology doesn’t go as planned, he’s tasked with finding out the middle name of his best friend, Mothy.

The problem is: he doesn’t have a middle name.

Wolflock must sort the truth from tangled web of lies without severing the only friendship he’s ever cared about. But what could possibly be so sinister about a name?
Find your next clues here.



The Case of Mothy

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The Case of the Captain’s Hair is the first book in the Wolflock Cases teen fantasy mystery series.

When fifteen-year-old Wolflock is unceremoniously banished from his father’s estate, his only option is to begin his journey to Mystentine University. But as he boards the Silver Ice Hair ship, things take a turn for the strange. The captain is missing, the ship is falling apart, and a few key passengers appear to have a hand in the dilemma. To save himself from destitution and get the ship sailing again, Wolflock must use all his deductive skills to solve the case.
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The Case of the Captain's Hair

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Journey into a tangled web of mystery and magic.


Follow the amateur sleuth, Wolflock F. Felen, as he leaves his hometown of Plugh after an unspeakable disgrace. To try and save face he begins his travels to Mystentine University, where he thinks he’ll study to be the best investigator in all of Puinteyle.


But every step of the way is fraught with mysteries and mischief. Each thrilling case threatens to forestall his journey and he must use all his deductive skills to solve them before the Winter frost freezes his path, or return home in shame.


Find the clues, decode the letters, and solve the puzzles in each adventure and solve the darker mysteries that lurk in Wolflock’s shadow before it’s too late.


Discover what lays beyond the veil here.



The Journey to Mystentine

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