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About Rhiannon - The Short of It

Rhiannon weaves tales of mystery and magic as the fantasy detective author of the Wolflock Cases series. Her love for all things fantastical began as a young girl, raised by a fairy and tutored by wizards, where she discovered the power of imagination and the art of storytelling.

As a Dungeon Master and seasoned player, she brings her love for games to the page, immersing readers in a world of magic and wonder.

Beyond the page, Rhiannon is a tireless champion of the arts and a beacon of inspiration for aspiring writers. She is the progenitor and organiser of the Logan Writers Festival, bringing together communities of writers, artists, and creatives from all walks of life. As the Arts Champion of the Logan Chamber of Commerce, Rhiannon uses her platform to promote creativity, growth, and community, always dreaming of a world where magic is within reach for all.

The Long of It

Raised by a beautiful and wise fairy mother, Rhiannon emerged from the shadows that lurked at her heels, dwelling in a realm of enchantment.

From humble beginnings in housing commission, Rhiannon's mother instilled a love for creativity that became a guiding light. A paradox of high marks and low study habits marked her school years. In her late 20s, the realisation of a possible ADHD diagnosis surfaced, tempered by the new Australian driving laws.


Family bonds run deep, although Rhiannon experienced the solitude of being an only child. Yet, friends, cousins, and half-brothers became cherished siblings. Writing since the tender age of five or six, Rhiannon fell headlong into the craft of stories, choosing books over the mundane moments of lessons. A poignant memory echoes when her dad scolded her for reading "Eragon" by Christopher Paolini at a restaurant, a rebellion against the notion that books are for the company of boring souls.

The landscapes of Rhiannon's imagination flourished when adversity struck in Queensland, birthing communities focused on sustainability, kindness, and purpose. Drawing progressive mountains and crafting villages based on impending assignments became a sanctuary from the harsh reality of bullying.


Post-high school, the dream of fiction authorship met with a harsh reality — no courses available, and her high OP (now ATAR) deemed too precious for a creative arts degree. Acupuncture beckoned and, with a scholarship, Rhiannon dove into this world, infatuated with the flow and ability to weave stories of illness, person, and the body as an intricate ecosystem.

Fertility clinics, cruise ships, and Rhiannon's own clinic became fertile grounds for gathering story fodder. Fate dealt a heavy hand, leading to the loss of everything, but Rhiannon seized back control, derailing the train of life to pursue full-time writing.


Educationally adorned with an OP 4, topping Ancient History and practical Maths A, Rhiannon holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Acupuncture, a Tui Na Diploma, Cert IV in Small Business Management, and a meditation certification from a psychic in Paddington.


In the heart of Rhiannon lies the intensity of a Scorpio, where emotions surge like a tsunami — slow, unassuming, yet impactful for months or even years. These feelings breathe life into Rhiannon's narratives, imprinting every conversation, change in heartbeat, and spark in the mind. The greatest hurdle? Allowing honesty to spill onto the page, revealing the profound depth of emotions embedded in each carefully crafted word. Rhiannon's tales are not just stories; they are immersive experiences, a testament to the uncharted territories of the human heart and the resilience of the human spirit. Join Rhiannon on this magical expedition through worlds both real and imagined, where every word resonates with the echoes of a soul deeply attuned to the rhythms of life.

Years Writing


The Journey to Puinteyle

Embarking on my writing journey was akin to discovering hidden worlds through cassette audiobooks during my childhood. From enchanting Disney tales to the allure of classic gold-spined books, I found solace in the art of storytelling. Reading felt innate, and even in my early encounters with books like Dinotopia, where comprehension might have eluded me, I reveled in concocting tales inspired by the vibrant imagery. However, the pivotal moment occurred in year 1 at the age of six when a teacher challenged us to flip our books and write a story about discovering an egg in the backyard. That simple prompt sparked a cascade of tales—dinosaurs, T-rexes, Brontosauruses—spun into countless versions. Television shows like Weird Sisters and books like the Harry Potter series fueled my creative world-building, especially when dragons were involved, capturing my imagination despite the inevitable imperfections. Writing swiftly evolved from a refuge for my socially awkward tendencies to a sanctuary for life's tribulations. Immune to external pains within the realm of my stories, I crafted perfect havens of safety and acceptance. As the desire to share these sanctuaries with others burgeoned, the decision to self-publish became the natural culmination of my writer's odyssey.

Writing Style

Sometimes etheral, sometimes satirical, Rhiannon's writing pays clear tribute to her inspirations. Appreciating the world building of J.R.R. Tolkien, the cleverness of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the whimsy of J.K. Rowling, Rhiannon brings the best elements of these authors and many more into her writing.

Although not professionally trained, she has always been seen to be a quick study and her editors definitely appreciate the level of growth that comes from every book she puts forward.

When asked how does she come up with her ideas, she often says it's the blessing of a bored mind and blames her constant inner monologue. It tries to lean hard into Shakespeare and she often has to wrangle it back to a more easily understood language.

Words WRitten


Upcoming Projects

Being a sole trader who also works fulltime, Rhiannon unfortunately has an exponential amount of back log and delays with her projects. That's the problem when you want to do everything. Like a pinball machine she bounces from project to project, completeing them all one at a time in random sequences. While planning the second omnibus of the Wolflock Cases, she also has diary entries, maps, videos, histories, and series based in Puinteyle to create. It just takes a while because she only has a few hours a day on a good day to work on anything. Fear not, though. Progress is still progress, even if it's slow.

Events and Appearances

If you you would like to see Rhiannon at book signings, readings, or other literary events, let her know it's on by emailing info@rhiannoneltonauthor.com. Sometimes she gets so stuck in the veil she doesn't know what's happening on Earth. She does make an effort to go to local writing events, festivals, and creative arts events around Brisbane though, so you just may see her there. The best thing to do is check out her socials. If there are any planned events for 2024, they will be below.

2024 Events Planned


Fun Facts

Rhiannon loves a good chai latte while talking books and business with anyone who cares to stop for long enough. She loves her garden and it's resilience against her sporadic gardening techniques.

She adores her cats and dribbly dog. She's passionate about community, magic, astrology, sustainability, and art.

Few things get her more excited than Dungeons & Dragons, as well as the vast array of other tabletop roleplaying games. She can often lose a whole fortnight to Sims or whatever other game sparks her fancy at the time. She often enjoys escape rooms, mystery parties, and anything with a puzzle to solve. Her life's philosophy is: "There is always a way."

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