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Where the Veil Will Be Thin Next

There aren't any up and coming places to see Rhiannon, but anything will be put here first, then Cyfath will send it out as an email, and finally, the world of social media shall receive it.

Launchs, Talks & Workshops! Oh My!

Rhiannon loves to present, teach, and throw a good shindig. No one knows better than her that when we celebrate together, the magic we create thins the veil and more stories fall through. 

If you want to help keep the veil thin, make sure you book in a workshop for your school, book club, or writers group! She's also open for panels and presentations at any conventions she can get to.

Radio Interviews

Podcast Interviews

Blogs & Articles

The Case of the Captain's Hair Launch

Logan, 2020

Logan 2023

School Talks

School Talks

Logan 2022

The Case of the Bitter Draught Launch

Logan, 2020

Logan 2020

The Case of the Curse of Houl

The Case of Mothy Launch

Logan 2029

The Journey to Mystentine Launch

Logan, 2022

Logan 2021

The Case of the Lost Mermaid Launch

A Study in Silver Launch

Logan 2021

2023 Markets

QLD Markets

QLD Markets

2022 Markets

Business Distinction Awards

Logan Convention Centre, July 2024

Logan Writers/Book Festival

Logan West Community Centre, June 2024

Gold Coast Convention Centre, 2023

Gold Coast Supanova

Brisbane Convention Centre

Brisbane Convention Centre, 2022

Where the Veil Has Been Thin In the Past

Kids D&D

Tuesdays Weekly

Logan North Library, April 2024

KRANK: How to Take Your Hatchling Story to Dragon Novel!

KRANK: Learn How to Play D&D for Kids

Logan North Library, January 2024

Unveil the Enchanting World of Mystery in Puinteyle!

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