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The Wolflock Cases is a teen fantasy detective series that you'll love creating your own board of clues to solve the mysteries.


Follow the amateur sleuth, Wolflock F. Felen, as he leaves his hometown of Plugh after an unspeakable disgrace. To try and save face he begins his travels to Mystentine University, where he thinks he'll study to be the best investigator in all of Puinteyle. But every step of the way is fraught with mysteries and mischief. Each thrilling case threatens to forestall his journey and he must use all his deductive skills to solve them before the Winter frost freezes his path, or return home in shame.Find the clues, decode the letters, and solve the puzzles in each adventure and solve the darker mysteries that lurk in Wolflock's shadow before it's too late.









The Kind of Mystery & Magic You Can Expect...

Unique genre combination

In the enchanting realm of Wolflock Cases, embark on a peculiar journey that masterfully melds the classic intrigue of Sherlock Holmes with the enchanting threads of fantasy and magic. A unique genre concoction, where detective prowess dances with the whimsy of mystic realms, creating an unparalleled tapestry of enigma and wonder.

Fascinating world of Puinteyle

Puinteyle. A world that beckons with enchantment, where magic weaves through the very air, and limitless possibilities unfold like the wings of a dragon. Join the journey where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and every page reveals a tapestry of wonder waiting to be unraveled.

Engaging readers of all ages


Embark on a literary adventure with Rhiannon D. Elton, where her prose captivates readers of every age. With finesse, she intertwines intricate puzzles with characters that resonate deeply, inviting readers to explore the enigmatic landscapes of both mind and story. It's a journey that transcends generational boundaries, promising an immersive experience for all who dare to delve into the pages of her creations.

Delightful reading experience


Embark on a delightful reading odyssey with the Wolflock Cases series, where intricate clues, concealed codes, and layers of mystery weave together to create a captivating tapestry. This literary journey promises an enchanting experience that enthralls readers, keeping them eagerly immersed until the final revelation unfolds on the last page. It's not just a story; it's a masterfully crafted adventure that beckons readers into a world where every page unravels a new and exciting mystery.


Shayla Morgansen - Author of the Elm Stone Saga, Goodreads

Frustrated by limitations placed on his journey on the majestic ship The Silver Hair, amateur sleuth Wolflock dedicates himself to the task of solving the mystery surrounding the captain's absence. He quickly crosses paths with the much more charming Mothy, fellow passenger and Watson stand-in to Wolflock's arrogant deductive skills, and bounces ideas from him to unpack the sequence of events and motives of the others on board. This fun, playful adventure story would be appropriate for ages 10 and above, but I thoroughly enjoyed it too and look forward to the sequel.

Carly Reading - Goodreads

It was an easy read to fall into. RDE writes in a way I can immediately set the scene and imagine what's going on.Wolflock was intelligent, persnickety and just this side of unlikeable. I can't wait for more of his cases.

Tamarah - Amazon

OMG I was disappointed that I had finished the book. I love it. I need more, it's great. I love Wolflock, he is amazing!

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Embark on an extraordinary journey through the captivating world of the Wolflock Cases series, where mystery, magic, and mythology intertwine to create an unforgettable reading experience.

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