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People hate sales, but little do they know that life is sales. You sell the best parts of yourself to your future partner, you sell your intellect and ability to follow instructions to teachers and bosses, you sell your favourite parts of yourself to your friends and you sell your lessons to your children. If you aren't good at selling then the things you want to share won't be accepted. In order to reach your dreams, you have to sell something to your fans.

You have to share something of yourself and package in a way that people will love it.


         If you're on this page I can only assume you are here for one of two reasons. Either you want social proof of how amazing I am or you are from an information broadcasting agency and would like to feature myself or my books. Thank you!

          I have always loved public speaking and always shall. Nothing pleases me more than sharing what I've learned in the hope that it will offer others hope, courage, wisdom or just a giggle.

          I love doing radio interviews, events, articles and talking at schools, so if you want me for any of that or more please send me through an email. 




Don't fuck with this woman

Intelligent and well thought out tales with detailed characters and captivating backstories. True and obvious heart has gone into every one of her writings and it shows!

Avid Reader
A beautiful, powerful woman who taught me so much

It was very charming and easy to read. I liked it. I'm glad it didn't have any sex in it like the last one. Thanks for letting me read it. Wait... you're not going to write this down are you?

Grandmother (1944-2017)
My beautiful cousin who may as well be my sister. Incredible woman who I adore

A fun and lighthearted read with beautiful imagery that instantly transports you into the magical world of Puinteyle. I can't wait for the next one.

Kristel Anderson, professional editor, best friend and amazing woman

Wolflock’s adventure combines a young man making his way into a huge world for the first time with detective elements. It opens the way for further stories, and readers will look forward to seeing just what Wolflock and Mothy will be able to achieve. A sweet and delightfully written story that opens up an intriguing path.

BA Editing, Masters Psychology
The fairy who raised me, powerful, intelligent and full of love and light.

This doesn't count as a grandchild, but it was still fun to read.


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