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Every stone you walk on tells a thousand stories. Every tree you pass whispers secrets. Every hill you scale sings of glories. Every creature you spy teaches a lesson. Every atom of you has touched mysteries.


          Who would have thought that such beauty and joy could be born of such trauma and suffering? The world was once only ocean. Then with an all mighty cataclysm, the lonely blue world embraced a shimmering asteroid. Together they made life. Together they formed Puinteyle.

           Their child of magic and nature grew and grew. The mountains climbed, the forests thrived, the creatures rose and fell. First were born the dragons of the sea, then fish, insects and fae. From the fae came birds and when the creatures of the sea saw the birds above the land they sought to join them. There came the mammals and from the mammals came the people.

          From the people came even more magic and wonder than ever before. All manner of people, culture and practices emerged for all to enjoy and learn from.

Photo by Mark Dalton


          The stunning grassy hills of Grothener boast the most fertile soil in all of Puinteyle. With dense woodlands nestled between farming towns much of Grothener's abundance is due to the deep spiritual attachment the people have to their land. 

          The fae find their favourite home within Grothener, meddling with farmers and traders by deciding whether someone is worthy of their blessing or unfortunate enough to warrant their curses. The capital city of Grothener is Plugh, home to the largest circle of civilised vampires and also some of the most influential politicians throughout the land.

green grass field and trees during daytime


          Standing sentinel above Mystentine City, this proud university was once the home and refuge for those who stood against the tyrant King Stathan. Its foundations were built on diversity and curiosity, quickly spurring it on to become the most prestigious university for science, medicine and magic. 

          Students travel from far and wide to study under the tutelage of renowned professors, learning to hone their skills. Unlike other universities, Mystentine asks for no fee, but rather, service from its students in order to maintain the hard to reach castle. This also mimics the society that built it and is intended to create good characters in all of its student populace.

Castle, Mystentine, Wolflock, Puinteyle



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