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Being able to share creates love. Mutual and appreciated sharing brings such joy that it baffles one to see it denied. Let me share my world with you and share your creations with me. Together we will bask in love and acceptance.


          As an artist of sorts, I know the importance of succumbing to that creative daemon who demands you draw or sketch or paint that image that imbeds itself into your mind. It is demanded of you until it is completed and that completion is something to celebrate! I want to celebrate it with you, so please show me your art and let me gives you props for your effort.

          Just send me your art, name and contact details if you'd like and I can put your fan art here.

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The Shackles of Bizzyness

By Rhiannon D. Elton | May 12, 2023

Emails crackle like static handcuffs, shocking me whenever I pull away. There is always something to drag me back. Like a digital prison spiking my morning meal with heroin to keep me scrolling. Nothing is more addictive than the scroll. Nothing is more training than the stress. “She’s gone mad. She’s screaming and rocking and…

I Take Off My Glasses To See

By Rhiannon D. Elton | November 21, 2022

I take off my glasses to see The crisp edges of the world melt into each other as I take off my glasses and sink into the pool. It’s hazy and green in the daytime, but right now in the pink afternoon it is liquid black satin. Dirty from digging in the garden, I relish…

Faulty Ignition

By Rhiannon D. Elton | August 1, 2022

For those who also have trouble starting. It’s Winter. It’s always hard to get up in Winter. It’s cold outside and warm in bed. And comfy. And cat. Cat is important. I wake up at 4am, go back to sleep until 6, then awake again as my warm snuggle buddy leaves a cold spot as…

Missing Desire?

By Rhiannon D. Elton | July 1, 2022

When you have pursued your dreams and lost your way. Something has been creeping up within my consciousness recently. It terrifies me. I’m not sure why or how it happened, but it did and now I feel ill. As if you found out someone took a vital organ and you have a limited amount of…

What It’s Like Being An Aussie Author

By Rhiannon Elton | January 26, 2021

I’ve been to cities that never close down. From Rio, to Southport, and old Busan town. I used to work on cruise ships and through that I’ve been to nearly forty countries. I’ve met authors from every continent (except Antarctica). It was a joke between a guitarist on the cruise ship and I, that we’d get a local beer from every port we stopped in. In that spirit I have some kind of beverage (alcoholic or not) with every author I chat to. These are the things that are what I’ve realised are vastly different, and vastly similar, when you are an Australian Fiction Author.

What do I want to give the world (and why I’m afraid)

By Rhiannon Elton | June 25, 2020

Sometimes you need to plumb the depths of your heart and soul to dig up why you aren’t going in the direction you want to be. This is one of my tentative steps in overcoming that.

What it Means to be an Author

By Rhiannon Elton | May 24, 2020

Who truly knows what being an author truly means? I can only hope I come close to it and that this blog helps to free and revive your creative spirit.

Distracted Like a Pinball Machine

By Rhiannon D. Elton | November 11, 2019

Sometimes being distracted can make you more productive, but you have to know how to use it

What Would I be Doing if I Didn’t Have to Work?

By Rhiannon D. Elton | May 23, 2019

Do you Work to Live? Live to Work? This blog comes from when I asked myself: What if you actually liked working? Then two years later needing to ask myself the same question again.
The real question is, though, If you didn’t have to work, what would you be doing?

Meet My Daemon

By Rhiannon Elton | January 30, 2019

Daemons, Writer’s block and what it all feels like


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