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As the wheel of the year turns so do all the amazing times that will come to us. Times will come, times will pass and times will come again. It is our own cycles within and without that bring us enjoyment in those moments.


There are special dates and times in which all the fae beings come across the veil between this world and the next. That veil is thinned wherever you can find me at various events. Through the veil, you may glimpse various knowledge such as cover reveals, unpacking cosplay mail, lore, stories and much more!



The Study in Silver

Coming 2020

The fifth Case may very well be Wolflock's glimpse into a

world far darker than he ever imagined...



Photo by Clark Young



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Delve into the rambling and excitable mind of the creator...


What do I want to give the world (and why I’m afraid)

By Rhiannon Elton | June 25, 2020

Sometimes you need to plumb the depths of your heart and soul to dig up why you aren’t going in the direction you want to be. This is one of my tentative steps in overcoming that.

What it Means to be an Author

By Rhiannon Elton | May 24, 2020

Who truly knows what being an author truly means? I can only hope I come close to it and that this blog helps to free and revive your creative spirit.

Distracted Like a Pinball Machine

By rhiannondelton | November 11, 2019

Sometimes being distracted can make you more productive, but you have to know how to use it

What Would I be Doing if I Didn’t Have to Work?

By rhiannondelton | May 23, 2019

Do you Work to Live? Live to Work? This blog comes from when I asked myself: What if you actually liked working? Then two years later needing to ask myself the same question again.
The real question is, though, If you didn’t have to work, what would you be doing?


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