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As the wheel of the year turns so do all the amazing times that will come to us. Times will come, times will pass and times will come again. It is our own cycles within and without that bring us enjoyment in those moments.


There are special dates and times in which all the fae beings come across the veil between this world and the next. That veil is thinned wherever you can find me at various events. Through the veil, you may glimpse various knowledge such as cover reveals, unpacking cosplay mail, lore, stories and much more!



The Case of the Pisces Moon

Coming 2021

The seventh Case may be Wolflock's first days back on land, but not to relax...



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Delve into the rambling and excitable mind of the creator...


“Why Can’t You Leave?”

By Rhiannon D. Elton | August 17, 2023

Why can’t you leave The ache was too great. Like someone had plunged an icicle through my shoulder into my heart. I felt as if my wrists were shackled, and my throat caught in the grasp of some beast with strong hands and long claws. The weight of my lies suffocated me and the yearning…

Am I Uncanny Valley

By Rhiannon D. Elton | June 29, 2023

“I was raised by a fairy…” is a common line I use. My mum is definitely a fairy. An Aquarius, hippie, witchy fairy. I was raised in the garden, loving music, and always seeing things from a perspective no one dreamed of. I was doubtlessly an odd child. I had a level of intuition that…

The Shackles of Bizzyness

By Rhiannon D. Elton | May 12, 2023

Emails crackle like static handcuffs, shocking me whenever I pull away. There is always something to drag me back. Like a digital prison spiking my morning meal with heroin to keep me scrolling. Nothing is more addictive than the scroll. Nothing is more training than the stress. “She’s gone mad. She’s screaming and rocking and…

I Take Off My Glasses To See

By Rhiannon D. Elton | November 21, 2022

I take off my glasses to see The crisp edges of the world melt into each other as I take off my glasses and sink into the pool. It’s hazy and green in the daytime, but right now in the pink afternoon it is liquid black satin. Dirty from digging in the garden, I relish…


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