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Happiness is said to come from the relationships around you, but truly it comes with the relationship you have with yourself. If you are happy within this radiates without. Your radiance acts as a magnet for more of what you display, particularly when you know where to shine.

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Delve into the rambling and excitable mind of the creator...

The Shackles of Bizzyness

Emails crackle like static handcuffs, shocking me whenever I pull ...
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I Take Off My Glasses To See

I take off my glasses to see The crisp edges ...
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Faulty Ignition

For those who also have trouble starting. It’s Winter. It’s ...
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red and blue fire digital wallpaper

Missing Desire?

When you have pursued your dreams and lost your way. ...
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What It’s Like Being An Aussie Author

I’ve been to cities that never close down. From Rio, ...
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What do I want to give the world (and why I’m afraid)

Here we are, thinking the hard things. It doesn't seem ...
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