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What is to say that your dreams aren't real? All amazing things today began with simply that. A dream.

Case of the Captain's Hair, Wolflock Cases, Mystery, Magic, Fantasy, teen, amateur sleuth
The Case of the Captain's Hair
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Join Wolflock on his first ever case! At the beginning of his journey to Mystentine University, he boards the Silver Ice Hair to find that something is amiss. As a boy who always gets his way, he joins forces with a new friend in order to get the privileges he believes he is rightly owed.

But not all is what it seems aboard the Silver Ice Hair vessel, and his journey is threatened by the mysteriously absent Captain.

Will he be able to solve the case and begin the study he has always dreamed of? Or will the path be frozen solid by the Winter frost, forcing him to return home in disgrace?

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The Case of Mothy, Wolflock Cases, Friendship, Fantasy, Magic, Mystery, Amateur Sleuth, teen
The Case of Mothy
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Normally the river ship, Silver Ice Hair, journeys peacefully and without issue, but when Mr Wolflock Felen is aboard drama, trouble and mysteries flood the decks. Join us for the second case in Wolflock’s journey to Mystentine university, where he faces his biggest enemy, his arrogance.

Wolflock has gotten bored and gotten into trouble. Your favourite mischief magnet has thrown himself into hot water and upset nearly everyone on board. He may be well on his way to becoming Puinteyle’s greatest investigator, but in this case he is faced with his hardest dichotomy.

Will he forgo exercising his greatest intellectual prowess and save his relationship with his best friend? Or will he charge onwards and lose Mothy’s friendship forever?

Read the excerpt here!

The Case of the Curse of Houl, Wolflock Cases, Friendship, Fantasy, Magic, Mystery, Amateur Sleuth, teen
The Case of the Curse of HOUL
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A ship is a small place and things spread quickly. Songs, jokes, stories and gossip. Also, sickness.

As one by one the company aboard the Silver Ice Hair fall ill, it is up to Wolflock to solve the mystery before the disease takes the life of someone he holds dear. When the ship is clouded by illness, deception and superstition, how will he separate the truth from the lies?

Is the disease an accident? Has someone aboard got something to gain by making other passengers ill? Or has the River God Houl been insulted so severely that he has cursed the ship?

Join us for a case that has Wolflock’s future and friends at stake.

This is a mystery you’ll be hungry to solve!

Read the excerpt here!

Case of the Bitter Draught Front Cover Book 4
The Case of the BiTTER DrauGhT
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The festival of Mabon always left a sour taste in Wolflock’s mouth. He’d do anything to get out of it. Even find a smuggler and their contraband aboard the Silver Ice Hair. So, when Captain Blutro asks him to investigate, Wolflock doesn’t care what toes he steps on to get results.

But who could it be? Wolflock has to exercise his best powers of perception and deduction to find the answers without tipping the culprit off. If he treads too hard, they’re bound to hide before he can find them.

With company, crew and captain acting strangely, Wolflock has to choose carefully who is a friend or foe, otherwise, he will risk more than his delicate reputation.

Will he and Mothy be able to solve the mystery? How many friends will he lose along the way? Is there more going on within the walls of the ship than the Captain is letting on?

See if you can solve the mystery and get your copy of the 4th instalment of the Wolflock Cases: The Case of the Bitter Draught, today!

Read the excerpt here!

A Study in Silver Front Cover
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Who pushed her down the stairs? That question is haunting Wolflock more than it should. But why? Is it the shock of finding her? Why is everyone pretending to not see that there were two people present when she fell? Wolflock saw the scene and the evidence is undeniable.

Wolflock begins to realise that amongst all his new friends, one of them may be a killer. Alone, frightened, and desperate for answers, he has to use every skill he’s honed, as well as a few new ones to get the answers from an unwilling crew and company.

Everyone wants to sweep this under the rug but the injustice wont stop eating away at Wolflock. He must find answers and he’ll go up against the most influential, powerful, and unsuspecting people on the ship to get them. Will the culprit destroy all the evidence before Wolflock can find it? Or will they destroy him?

Read Wolflock’s most dangerous case aboard the Silver Ice Hair and see if he can find the true criminal hiding amongst those he’s grown to trust. Or will he leave sleeping drunks lie?

CotLM Front Cover 15.3.2021
The Case of Lost Mermaid
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How do you save the life of a mermaid? You find the mythical city that the gods are said to have made for them. Simple.

Your favourite amateur sleuth, Wolflock, makes a new mermaid friend separated from the safety of her pod, he can’t leave her to a dangerously uncertain fate. Especially since he owes her his life.

But the cards of Faleen and Bleen have foretold of disaster in his fate, and he is caught between the choices he now needs to make. Is their interference to save his life or do they have another sinister intention?

Will Wolflock save the life of the mermaid and return her to her family?

COMING May 2021
The Case of the Pisces Moon
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COMING July 2021
The Case of the Haemophageous Equine
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COMING September 2021
The Case of the Lost Antrum
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COMING December 2021
The Case of the Mountain's Monster
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Case of the Captain's Hair, Wolflock Cases, Mystery, Magic, Fantasy, teen, amateur sleuth



          Join us for the first tale of the young Wolflock Felen's journey as he sets sail to Mystentine University before the looming Winter freezes his dreams in their tracks. But not all is well aboard the ship, the Silver Ice Hair. The crew are run ragged, the company are sour and the Captain has locked himself away without explanation!


          Will Wolflock find out why before the ship is stopped entirely and he has to forgo his ambitions? Or will his uncanny deductive reasoning bring back harmony to the ship?


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