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What It’s Like Being An Aussie Author

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I’ve been to cities that never close down. From Rio, to Southport, and old Busan town. I used to work on cruise ships and through that I’ve been to nearly forty countries. I’ve met authors from every continent (except Antarctica). It was a joke between a guitarist on the cruise ship and I, that we’d get a local beer from every port we stopped in. In that spirit I have some kind of beverage (alcoholic or not) with every author I chat to. These are the things that are what I’ve realised are vastly different, and vastly similar, when you are an Australian Fiction Author.

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Squashed Against A Glass Ceiling (Not the feminist meaning)

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          I’m an author. I’m also a business owner.             You don’t get to be a good author without knowing business too. That’s just fact. I’ve owned one successful business in the past (2018 Currently). I’ve helped make others successful and I know business pretty well. But then… there is…

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In the Beginning

Merry Meet,   Here we go. This is it. This is the moment I decided to not only draw my writing from Hobby to Career, but it’s also the moment where I committed to my dreams. Yes, at any moment I could pull the plug, run away and go into my own personal witness protection……

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