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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The underpinnings of knowledge come through the individual's lifetime of filters! Look kindly on those you judge as reflections of covets of your own misgivings!

Interviewed by: Our Logan Magazine

Fantasy worlds lead to real success for local author.

A life-long mystery fan, Rhiannon has combined the worlds of fantasy, science and detective work in her series. It follows the adventures of Wolflock Felen, and started life as short stories in 2016.

GueST Post: The NoVeL facToRy

This is a guest post by Rhiannon Elton, author of the Wolflock series.

A personal account from an author who has battled her demons and come out on top.

        Rhiannon Elton is now an established author with four novels to her name. And the Crestmead wordsmith’s fantasy detective books are establishing quite a following. We speak to Rhiannon about what makes her – and her characters – tick.

My City LogAn ArticLe: ShayLa MorgaNseN

An interview I wrote about my fellow author, sharing shares a love of spaceships, time travel and conspiracies.

        I interviewed the award winning Karen Tyrrell, gleaning a powerful Logan story from her incredible heart.

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