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To weave a tale is to weave into the very tapestry of history itself. Sometimes you gaze back on that history with regret, but know this: All past hurt no matter how big or how small teaches us something. It is up to us to learn how to make it better than before. 

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          Rhiannon is a lady who walks betwixt fantasy and reality. She always dreamed the world could be a better place. Raised by a fairy, taught by wizards and bullied by goblins and trolls, she soon learned that magic was everywhere in life and all you needed to do to find it was simply look. Within those lessons, she also learned that magic created the power to achieve your greatest dreams if you only practiced wielding it.

          From her earliest years she remembers writing stories with her friends and dreaming of having her work published. As she grew older she realised that she had the power to do so at the end of her wand (aka: keyboard).

          She dreams today of eventually developing Puinteyle, Lencial and Cuerul into various forms of games, be it Roleplay, Computer or Board games, as well as publishing as many works as she can before the last story leaves her dreaming mind. All she wants to do with her stories is to show that goodness, kindness and love always win… even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.


The Long of It

           Rhiannon is the walker between worlds. One foot in Earth, the other constantly stepping into Pelaia. As if gazing into a crystal ball, she sees this other world and all that happens within it with the clarity of someone staring through a veil. It is her purpose in life to transcribe these histories, adventures and mysteries for you to enjoy.

           This witchy woman was raised by a fairy who taught her that there are all kinds of magic throughout the world. She taught Rhiannon to withhold judgement because you never truly know another’s story. She also taught her that everyone, no matter how flawed, has something to give.

           The adventures of Rhiannon’s youth lead her through trials and dangers that taught her about the darkness within the world, but it also showed her that anything could be overcome. There was always a way. Surrounded by so much apathy and hopelessness, Rhiannon made it her goal in life to show others the light and that if they could dream it they could do it.

The way she was shown this was through stories.

           Stories of friendship, love, adventure, discovery, compassion, understanding, and kindness. All of these stories gave her new friends, new lessons, new life.

           In the depths of her darkest place during year 11 and 12, when she felt at her loneliest, drugs surrounded her life in terrible ways, the self worth of those she loved and admired crumbled, she was relentlessly bullied and felt friendless in her most trying years, she lived in squalor due to bureaucratic errors, and yet she still had to be “perfect”. She had to perfectly excel in school, she had to perfectly remain calm and gentle in the face of abusive men, she had to be a perfect role model for all those around her. That craving for perfection in order to get love nearly killed her several times. In all of this darkness with politicians sacrificing real people and real environments for imaginary money, with teachers displaying no compassion for their students, with men abusing women and children, with communities vilifying those who needed them most, with injustice reigning and all hope seemingly lost… Puinteyle was born.

           All of these pains in life were fixed in Puinteyle.

           All of them were able to be mended and healed because of a conscientious effort. The people of Puinteyle wanted to be better than their problems. Puinteyle was where people made an effort to love freely and always sought to help each other, animals and the environment. Harmony. True and beautiful harmony. Where the pendulum never swayed too far away from that beautiful harmonious and happy point of balance.

But like in our lives, there is always obstacles to overcome and darkness to understand. Therefore, Puinteyle would always have its own inner turmoils to learn and grow from too. Thus, the stories never truly end.

           Rhiannon has always lived and breathed stories, knowing her role in life is to be this guide through a new world for others. Her dream is to support her community with her stories, as well as creating a company where other artists can come together in celebration of Pelaia and all it has to offer.

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