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To weave a tale is to weave into the very tapestry of history itself. Sometimes you gaze back on that history with regret, but know this: All past hurt no matter how big or how small teaches us something. It is up to us to learn how to make it better than before. 





          Rhiannon is a twenty-something lady who always dreamed the world could be a better place. Raised by a fairy, taught by wizards and bullied by goblins and trolls, she soon learned that magic was everywhere in life and all you needed to do to find it was simply look. Within those lessons, she also learned that magic created the power to achieve your greatest dreams if you only practiced wielding it.

          From her earliest years she remembers writing stories with her friends and dreaming of having her work published. As she grew older she realised that she had the power to do so at the end of her wand (aka: keyboard).

          She dreams today of eventually developing Puinteyle, Lencial and Cuerul into various forms of games, be it Roleplay, Computer or Board games, as well as publishing as many works as she can before the last story leaves her dreaming mind. All she wants to do with her stories is to show that goodness, kindness and love always win… even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.


The Long of It

          Rhiannon was raised by her mother in lots of places. Blacktown, Doonside, Vincentia, Bomaderry, Nowra, Shailer Park, they moved around a fair bit but it was always taken in stride. Fortnightly visits to dad and her two half-brothers were always exciting, as well as to extended family (There were five sets of aunties, uncles and many more family friends to choose from), it didn’t take many moons for Rhiannon to develop her extroverted and societal loving nature. All sadness, all anger, all negativity seemed so easy to heal with love and good company.

          Then she had to face the “real” world at school and went through bullying, isolation, cruelty, abusive relationships, shitty self-esteem, depression, crappy body image, drugs and the effects of drugs on loved ones.

         Up to the age of a few years ago things were pretty hard, but she never saw it that way. Her eternal optimism insisted that everything was always in transit to being better. Bullying and isolation were just in transit to getting into a better environment with better friends. Poor self-esteem could always be worked on with mindset adjustments and education. Drugs could be controlled by replacing them with something new and better (Especially love and understanding). Even abusive relationships could be stopped with self-love and respect. She was too powerful to let herself become the victim.

          Even to this day, Rhiannon sees all ills as transient. Just look at the people with no limbs and no money accomplishing out of this world things!

          But in the depths of her darkest place during year 11 and 12, when she felt at her loneliest, drugs surrounded her life in terrible ways, the self worth of those she loved and admired crumbled, she was relentlessly bullied and felt friendless in her most trying years, she lived in squalor due to beaurocratic errors, and yet she still had to be “perfect”. She had to perfectly excel in school, she had to perfectly remain calm and gentle in the face of abusive men, she had to be a perfect role model for all those around her… That craving for perfection in order to get love nearly killed her several times… In all of this darkness with politicians sacrificing real people and real environments for imaginary money, with teachers displaying no compassion for their students, with men abusing women and children, with communities vilifying those who needed them most, with injustice reigning and all hope seemingly lost… Puinteyle was born.

          All of these pains in life were fixed in Puinteyle.

          All of them were able to be mended and healed because of a conscientious effort. The people of Puinteyle wanted to be better than their problems. Puinteyle was where people made an effort to love freely and always sought to help each other, animals and the environment. Harmony. True and beautiful harmony. Where the pendulum never swayed too far away from that beautiful harmonious and happy point of balance.

          Determined, tenacious and passionate are the three words that describe Rhiannon’s heart of hearts. She commonly says to all naysayers: “There is always a way”. Life motto right there. She saw that there was so much good in life, so much to be grateful for, that the only option was that either good or neutrality would win. Evil was bound by nature alone to fail. Life always favoured the good because that’s how they determined it to be. That’s what Puinteyle reflects.

          But a place without conflict doesn’t reflect the best of society. A place that overcomes conflict does.

          Sometimes things are unbalanced though, and as Rhiannon found her strength and found her true inner power she began to understand how much drama was craved by everyone. Toxic drama. Sometimes this is needed as a window to reflect how important and beautiful the harmony of Puinteyle is. Hence the birth of Lencial and Cuerul.

          Cuerul came about at Rhiannon’s dirty little secret. Pride and Prejudice meets Mages and Magic. Somewhere where the very science of everything didn’t need to be explained. It was just "because"! A place where dirty little secrets, drama and fun darkness could emerge amongst the strictest social rules. 

          But in everyone is also darkness. If we hide and repress this darkness it comes out in other ways. Evil ways. If we embrace it too fondly it consumes us. If we deny it we shame our very natures. Finding the balance is so important. From darkness was birthed Lencial. Inspired by one of Rhiannon’s dear friends it warped into something new that suited the clean and healthy expression of inner darkness we all share. All horrors, all shit coping mechanisms, all diabolical evil, all of the wrong things winning. Bigotry, racism, sexism, disregard for the environment, repression of women, repression of the poor, imbalance in wealth, animal cruelty, lack of understanding, lack of compassion, dog eat dog rat races… this is Lencial. Only the wealthy and naive are free of the horrors and grunginess of this steampunk dystopia. Lencial is always dying though and eventually, it will be dead.

          Rhiannon has written stories since she could write (Often to the chagrin of her teachers when they found another dinosaur egg story in the back of a maths book) and her tales have woven themselves into all aspects of her professional and personal life. She always aims to show herself and others that happiness is a way of life, not found in “things”, but in perceptions. She has been to over thirty countries and taken in all the inspiration she could in order to bring true authenticity to her stories, giving them a depth that few can boast but all can enjoy.

          Her ultimate goal is for you, the reader, to also weave these tales of heroism, magic and love into your everyday life and make the world a better place. Be the hero. Be brave. Be authentic. And always remember to come from a place of love in all you do.

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