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In the Beginning

Merry Meet,


Here we go. This is it. This is the moment I decided to not only draw my writing from Hobby to Career, but it’s also the moment where I committed to my dreams. Yes, at any moment I could pull the plug, run away and go into my own personal witness protection… but that’s for cowards.

I’m no coward. I’m the daughter of a fairy, who was the daughter of a great witch who came from a line of grand dragons. My heritage and magic runs deep and writing is the raw essence of my soul. Even if I were to become a reclusive hermit I would always write. I’m compelled by forces beyond me to do it. The images of my mind cycle over and over and over again, fed to me by my chubby little daemon until it’s finally written.

There is nothing I love so much as writing and drawing. I love the very act of transferring my thoughts to yours. By that means my magic can possibly touch your heart and soul. I can feed and nurture those who need hope. I can hold the hand of those who need courage. I can give love to those who are in pain. That is the power and the magic of writing.

These stories, in particular, are part of my soul.

These tales, their deep histories, their interwoven threads and reflections come directly from my heart. They deliver the lessons that are quintessential for living life harmoniously and I can only dream that they will offer your as much solace as they have offered me.

So… come along with me. Take my hand. Let me guide you to a world of wonder, excitement and magic. Let me show you how people can be happy and how we can all live with love in every action we do.


Blessed be.

Merry part and merry meet again.

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